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Remote Senior Software Engineer in Test with over 11 years of experience automating and testing leading-edge SaaS applications. Passionate about applying LEAN principles to reduce waste and continuously improve processes and product quality. Proponent of robust, reusable, and reliable test automation. Excited to implement and use new automation frameworks (e.g. Playwright). Eager to apply my keen eye for detail to enhance application quality and continue my pursuit of lifelong learning at an innovative software company.

Technical Qualifications

  • Expertise: Playwright, C#, JavaScript/TypeScript, SaaS, Python, Automation, Problem Solving, Systems Management
  • Experience In: Selenium, PowerShell, REST/SOAP API, Ranorex, SQL, Java, SoapUI, Bash, Docker, AWS, Azure
  • Utilize Daily: Windows, .NET, Visual Studio Code, Git, Bitbucket, Jira, Notepad++, Linux, Chrome, Confluence, MS Office
  • Technologies: Jenkins, VMware, Oracle, MS SQL Server, SVN, vSphere, GoCD, GitLab, Swagger, TestRail, STLC, SDLC

Professional Experience


Sr. Software Quality Engineer Knoxville, TN (Remote) 2023 – 2023

Test automation engineer responsible for creating a Playwright/C# test environment for the Erecruit SaaS staffing platform and migrating legacy testcases to the robust and significantly faster Playwright framework. (Agile Methodology: Kanban)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements
  • Created a Playwright testing framework (C#/NUnit/.NET/Allure) from the ground up, presented the resultant proof of concept to upper management, and integrated it with the Jenkins CI pipeline.
  • Migrated legacy Selenium tests to Playwright, achieving a 100% pass rate and an 8x speedup.
  • Developed automated exploratory add-record tests which increased test coverage and discovered new bugs.
  • Approached by multiple teams for help with their automation projects and collaborated as time allowed.


Sr. Software Engineer in Test Knoxville, TN (Remote) 2021 – 2023

Senior software engineer on the automation team responsible for writing Playwright/JavaScript/TypeScript frontend automation tests (utilizing API for prerequisite setup), analyzing test failures using DataDog and other tools, updating and fixing flaky tests, documenting tests in TestRail, and reporting bugs/coordinating with the appropriate team to resolve the issue(s) for the Reggora SaaS appraisal management application. (Agile Methodology: Kanban)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements
  • Orchestrated and enacted the transition of all test automation to the Playwright framework from Nightwatch, resulting in more passing runs, fewer flaky tests, and a reliable tool for my team.
  • Migrated automated tests from JavaScript to TypeScript, resulting in more maintainable code, higher quality code, and coding errors being caught and fixed sooner.
  • Added a linter (ESLint) to the automation project that automatically ran each time code was committed.
  • Created a Playwright custom reporter which printed to the console and reported to GitLab making for easy-to-read results at a glance before accessing the full result artifact.
  • Utilized a JavaScript federal holiday library to perform a date check on due date calculations and prevented tests from failing on federal holidays or holiday observance dates.
  • Decoupled complex testcases by breaking them into multiple simpler testcases, utilizing reusable shared functions, and making test failures easier to diagnose and then fix.
  • Established and maintained an Automation Testing Best Practices Confluence page, as well as an Automation Failure Playbook page (including data on how to integrate the tests with Docker and AWS).
  • Implemented coding standards for consistency throughout the test automation project, renamed functions to match what code was actually doing, and added docstrings for each function.

Ivanti/Cherwell Software (Ivanti acquired Cherwell: 2021-03-25)

Sr. QA Engineer Dundee, Scotland (Remote) 2019 – 2021

Senior QA of the UK SWAT team focused on testing and automating tests (Selenium/C#/.NET) for escalations, customer requests, and refactor work for web-based PaaS and client-side ITSM software. (Agile Methodology: Kanban & Scrum)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements
  • Steered the direction of testing within the SWAT team, ensuring that the acceptance criteria of bugs and stories were well-defined and covered by high-quality testcases.
  • Promoted QA best practices, POM automation, and consistently produced high-quality deliverables.
  • Automated SaaS testcases using a combination of REST, C#, Selenium WebDriver, and Ranorex.
  • Continuously improved testcases by removing clutter and adding details and steps to increase ease of execution at a rate of roughly 40 tests per cycle resulting in improved regression cycle completion time by 5 hours per cycle.
  • Created and managed multiple VM environments on VMware Workstation and vSphere, using a combination of Windows OS’ and SQL Server versions for testing supported stacks.
  • Wrote/executed detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured testcases using Docker, AWS, and Azure.
  • Identified, recorded, and documented bugs including workarounds and replication steps.
  • Supported QA colleagues and onboarded new QA members.
  • Improved shared documents by adding clarifying details, new steps, and new sections resulting in easy-to-follow guides for existing employees and new hires.

Thomson Reuters

Sr. QA Automation Engineer Dundee, Scotland (Remote) 2015 – 2019

QA Automation Engineer Lake Oswego, OR 2012 – 2015

Member of the Indirect Tax software division responsible for testing and automating the testing of tax Certificate Manager and tax Determination SaaS applications. Primary responsibilities included DevOps work (e.g. server and Jenkins management) as well as the design of backend automation tests. (Agile Methodology: Scrum)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements
  • Reviewed and tested software usability and functionality both manually and with automated tools. Reported issues found including steps to reproduce, workarounds, and verification time estimates. Provided recommendations to developers.
  • Participated in multiple Agile Scrum teams and worked on reviewing stories, creating and executing automated/manual testcases, demoing resultant work, and planning sprints.
  • Replaced an error-prone, multiple-times-a-day, manual application update process with a Python script that ran whenever a new build became available; this prevented easily made errors, increased productivity, and saved the team 2 hours a day.
  • Created SOAP/REST testcases with a focus on corner-case and negative testing using SoapUI.
  • Utilized Java, Selenium WebDriver, and Sikuli to visually automate Reporting software.
  • Enhanced test and load coverage by authoring a Python script to generate valid random customer data (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) which allowed bulk record importing (using SOAP) and enabled testing under realistic conditions using millions of records.
  • Authored a suite of Python and Bash scripts to collect server/JVM metrics during data imports and return formatted results including data such as import duration and CPU/memory/disk usage.
  • Converted an in-house automation tool from C# to Java.


Software Engineer Intern Corvallis, OR, USA 2011 – 2012

Worked as part of the Inkjet and Web Solutions group and focused on testing the schedulable HP Printables applications (e.g. the printing of a daily crossword or recipe of the day).

Key Responsibilities & Achievements
  • Used Ruby (Watir) to automate the gathering/testing of server URLs & send a results email.
  • Created test procedures for internal and external test scenarios and expanded them through my internship.
  • Implemented LoadRunner for load testing scheduled delivery on the ePrintCenter’s website.
  • Utilized Ruby on Rails, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to create a status bar showing information for multiple test servers resulting in faster response time to server issues.
  • Authored an interactive GUI for adding and editing printer, subscription, and error information, using PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL.


Intern (Software Engineering Team) Hillsboro, OR 2008 – 2010 (Summers)

Contributed to the eFinance software team by automating lab tasks, managing test server hardware including racks/cabling, and VM management including creation, virtualization, and configuration.

Key Responsibilities & Achievements
  • Worked with the programming language PowerShell, automating the gathering of information on computers in a lab and compiling it into a datasheet resulting in improved visibility of hardware status and location.
  • Diagrammed the QA lab in a Visio, as well as automated IP address and computer name getting services and compiling them into a SQL database that Visio pulled information out of.
  • Worked with Windows Deployment Services and built up a Windows Server 2008 R2 image with an answer file that automated its install and deployed it to many servers in the lab.
  • Worked with configuring Cisco switches.
  • Managed VMs in VMWare and Microsoft Virtual Server.

CheckFree Corporation

Intern (Software Engineering Team) Hillsboro, OR, USA 2007 (Summer)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements
  • Worked with PowerShell, automating installation/setup of the service ADAM.

Corillian Corporation

Intern (Software Engineering Team) Hillsboro, OR, USA 2006 (Summer)

Key Responsibilities & Achievements
  • Worked with programming languages C# and Ruby using ASP.net to make a mobile banking application.


Oregon State University

BS Computer Science Honors Baccalaureate, Summa Cum Laude (2008 – 2012)

Senior Capstone: Developed an Android App allowing self-guided tours of a Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center.

Honors Thesis: Researched what users found to be the minimum acceptable graphics quality on smartphone games.

Sherwood High School

Valedictorian with Honor’s Diploma (2004 – 2008)

University/High School Activities

  • OSU Judo Club President 2011-2012
  • OSU Judo Club Officer 2010-2012
  • Pathways Scholar Mentor 2010
  • OSU Robotics Club (OSURC) Member 2008-2011
  • OSURC Mars Rover Competition Software Team Member 2008-2010
  • Hacky Sack Club Founder & President 2007-2008


  • Learning new things
  • Regenerative agriculture/permaculture/building soil
  • Gardening/landscaping (mostly native perennial plants)
  • Foraging and learning about edible plants
  • Building/configuring computers
  • Reading (primarily audiobooks)
  • Videogames (generally single-player adventure or group party games)
  • Home-brewing (mead, cider, and some beer)
  • Woodworking (desks/shelves/tables)
  • General DIY with a structural focus or gardening structures/plant supports