A view of blooming purple heather at Auchindoun Castle in Moray, Scotland.


I’m a remote software engineer in test with a long history of computing experience. Video games are where my love of tech started. I could probably still tell you where the additional pieces of heart in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time are hidden, but as irrelevant as that skill is to my career, the passion behind it isn’t. I went from learning Visual Basic in high school to getting various software internships during the summers and earning a Computer Science degree at Oregon State University. Throughout my professional career I’ve come to realize how much I enjoy improving processes and automation, which has led me to my current (but probably not final) form: a total Playwright fanboy.

More details on my professional history are in my résumé. Outside of work, you can find me in the 37 acres of woods around my house laying the groundwork for a sustainable food forest. In just one year of building our family’s homestead, I’ve learned a huge amount about improving soil quality, preventing erosion, and many other fascinating aspects of healthy ecosystems. My love of optimization is as useful in permaculture as it is in programming, and I love talking to other people who share these interests. 

When I’m outside working, I listen to a lot of audiobooks. The fiction I read falls broadly into the science fiction, fantasy, and romance genres. My nonfiction reads cover topics such as autism/neurodivergence, permaculture, LEAN processes, habit formation, negotiation, and a variety of other topics focused on expanding horizons. I really enjoy discussing books and sharing recommendations, so don’t hesitate to bring it up in person or online!

Alongside sustainability, I care deeply about human rights. I’m autistic—a thing I learned recently, which has helped me understand myself a lot better—and have been a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ ERG’s at my last few companies. Diversity in all its forms is a source of strength in our society, and I encourage companies I’m part of to support marginalized groups whenever I can.

I live in Knoxville, Tennessee, and work out of my home office. I spent seven years in Dundee, Scotland cultivating my love of whisky (not the reason for being there, but a nice perk!) and lived in Oregon before that. Despite the strong football culture in all these places, I have yet to manifest an interest in sports—but I hope this About page has highlighted all the other subjects we might talk about: LEAN processes, regenerative agriculture, high-quality software, and a whole host of other fantastic things. Unsurprisingly, given the field I’m in, I’m an introvert, so I don’t have a lot of social energy, but I do look forward to meeting you. Preferably in small groups, and within throwing distance of a nice forest or well-stocked spirits cabinet 🙂