SDET Job Hunt Strategy/Links

Sharing my job hunt strategy/links that got me to my current position in case it can help anyone.

LinkedIn is missing one key feature that I would really like for job searches and that is inclusion of a keyword in job posts or titles,, but I was able to find this in an AI tooled called Jobright AI which allowed me to include the “skill” Playwright in my searches and specifically tailor my results to jobs I would be suited for, you can find it below. There were less results for my search here due to the Playwright skill, so I was less picky on filtering everything else out, but my basic search looked like: SDET, Full-time + Contract, Remote, Senior Level (adding a salary range wasn’t super helpful since it filtered out some good results due to some companies not posting salary ranges). Utilizing the “Not Interested” button to clear my board or heart clicking or clicking the APPLY NOW button to make sure my board was clear made things easier for a quick check.

My daily LinkedIn search had a lot more junk to filter out and I heavily utilized the X button on postings to dismiss them again, though the promoted ones will just keep coming back. Below are the links I would use, some have the time window set to the Past 24 Hours and if I missed a day I would expand that to the past week to catch what I missed. There was a lot of junk here for SDET roles and so many developer roles mixed in, which is why I really wished there was a keyword search on LinkedIn, but when you are job hunting it can be really tough and getting application volume out can really matter because you never know which of those postings actually has a real job behind it, so I persevered through the not applicable listings. In any case, here is the list:

I hope these lists can help people. Remember to add skills to your profile and update your past positions and also tidy up your CV. Also, if you are more socially minded, posting more on LinkedIn and interacting with others here will help boost your profile and get you noticed more, which is tough for us introverted folk. Best of luck and I wish you well 🙂